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Graphic Design, Illustration & Website Design

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About Holopress

Based in Melbourne, Australia - Holopress began in 2006 offering graphic design and illustration services directly to clients of all varieties, from small local businesses to international companies.

Owned and run by Timothy Davis, Holopress comes up with creative concepts and has the necessary skill and experience to visualise those concepts as unique, original and striking pieces of visual communication.

The little blue imp to the left is an example of my illustration work. Intended as a homage to 'Maurin Quina' (a French apéritif advertisement painted by Leonetto Cappiello in 1906).


What I do

I come up with ideas. I research... then sketch, and then take my ideas, with feedback from my client, through to a finished design.

First and foremost, brand and logo design is what I love to do. I also offer the usual range of design services you might expect from a Graphic Designer... my point of difference is that I strive to ensure that my customer is proud to use my design and that I'm proud to present it.


Brand Design
Logo design, company naming, brand development & rebranding.

Graphic Design
Brochures, books, stationery, packaging, reports & publications.

Cartoons, editorial, commissions, hand-drawn typography & lettering, icons.

Website Design
Custom site design & layout, animation, web graphics, WordPress & blogs.

Printing, Copywriting & Photography - I'll help take care of these too!


Please call me anytime on,



About Me, Tim Davis

Hi, my name is Tim Davis - I'm a freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator originally from Sydney. I am the founder and designer of Holopress. I've been self employed as a freelance graphic designer & illustrator ever since completing a bachelor's degree course (Visual Communication) in 2004, and then completing a master's degree course in 2007 (Digital Media). I eventually made the move to Victoria in 2009.

I consider myself very lucky to be living and working in the best city in the world and I draw a lot of inspiration & energy from the design culture here in Melbourne.



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